Herbal infused shampoo bars

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These beautiful bars are very special as they are made with handpicked plants that were gathered from my garden, local forests, or organically grown.

One great thing about shampoo bars is that they are really convenient, there is zero waste in packaging, and the ingredients are minimal. There is no need for chemical preservatives, or emulsifiers.

I do like to use a vinegar rinse after I use my bars. Not every time but maybe every other time. It helps to reduce any build up that may linger in your hair.

If your worried about smelling like an Easter egg, don’t! After your hair dried it will fade . Also you can infuse herbs into your vinegar rinse too!

There are three different kinds:

Forest Dweller- this is a beard + body + and shampoo bar but anyone can use it! It’s main plant infusion is Cottonwood Buds. The aroma is so fresh, and woodsy. This bar is moisture rich, and full of delightful details.

Dandelion Delight- is a body + shampoo bar. The plants that are infused into this one are Dandelion, and Lavender. It’s aroma is soft, and sweet with a hint of citrus. This bar is moisture rich, and calming. This bar is great for lighter colored hair, but anyone could use it .

Rosemary + Nettle + Horsetail - Body + shampoo bar. This one is my favorite! This bar is mineral rich. It’s infused with the three plants that are in its title, and it’s aroma is fresh and minty, super refreshing. This one is best for darker colored hair, but again anyone could still use it.

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Makes my skin and my beard super soft and lovely! Thanks!

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