Yoni Steam Blend

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Our Yoni Steam blend is a wonderful way to connect with the many generations of women who were here before you. The Herbs chosen for this steam work physically, & energetically to assist you on your healing journey. A beautiful ritual to add to your self care routine.

Women from long ago have been doing this ancient practice for many years, it is now making a come back due to it's positive healing aspects.

What is a Yoni Steam? It is a process of infusing herbs to make a strong tea that you sit/ squat over and steam your vagina. These herbs help to promote healing + balancing that benefit the reproductive system.

Here are some of the benefits of Yoni Steams:

~ Helps to regulate your natural cycle of menstruation. (Get your flow back on track)
~ Reduce imbalances like; fibroids, endometriosis, & ovarian cysts.
~ Descrease pain assosiated with cramps & bloating.
~ Increase circulation to the area, helping to tone & heal after childbirth; including hemrrhoids.
~ Promote healing old energetic wounds assosiated with sexuality.
~ Promote the release of toxins.
~ Assist in healing yeast infections expecially reacurring ones.
~ Promote fertility

A bit about the actions + energetics of herbs in this blend:

Rosemary- Antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, and helpful for fungal infections. Stimulating, encouraging circulation to the whole pelvic region, it is warming. It is very cleasing energetically, and may help stir up some memories from the past.

Mugwort- Antispasmodic, ( good for cramps ) Calming, Nervine, Vasodiolator ( dillating blood cells to encourage relaxation ). This herb helps bring on a scanty menstrual flow, and helps calm hot flashes, and is cooling. May help with chilling out those pesky PMS irritble moments! This herb helps build confidence, and restore inner strength.

Lavender- Relaxing, antispasmodic, antifungal, analgesic ( good for pain ), antimicrobial. Slightly warmimg. Lavender helps to encourage fertility.

Rose- Astringent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, nervine, cooling. Helpful to tone the tissues, and heal wounds both physically and energetically. It is cooling. Rose may help to cultivate compassion with yourself.

Raspberry Leaf- Uterine tonic (helps tone the uterine + pelvic muscles), and regulate menstrual flow.

*** Caution***
Yoni steams are not for everybody; if you belong to any of these categories or are not sure then ask your DR.

Pregnant, or have a chance of being pregnant.
Have an IUD in currently
If you are on your cycle currently ( steams are best to do right after a cycle, or before your next cycle ).
If you have any infections, cuts, or wounds.
If you feel discomfort emotionally you may need to take it slower, sometimes this type of healing will help clear old blockages from the root chakra.

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