Journey to dreamland tea


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This tea promotes sleep + relaxation, and it tastes good.

Ingredients: Linden flower + leaf, Hops, Passion Flower, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Spearmint, Skullcap.

A bit about the herbs in this formula:

Linden- is very relaxing, helps to smooth out tension, and quiet a restless mind. Helpful for reducing anxiety.

Hops- A great herb for promoting sleep, it is concidered a nerve tonic, as it helps to stregthen and reguvenate the nervous system. Also concidered a nerve sedative.

Passion Flower- Another great choice for sleep. This one is a nerve sedative, providing soothing and resorative actions to the nervous system. Can also promote muscle relaxation for tight muscles.

Lemongrass- Adds a nice flavor, as well as helpful in calmimg the stomach which is benefitial for sleep.

Pepermint + Spearmint- both are exellent for calming digestion distress, as well as adiing falvor enhancement to the blend. Also considered a nerve stimulant providing circulation to the nerve endings.

Skullcap- this one is also a nerve sedative, and nerve tonic, calming the nervous system as well as stregthening it.

*** Caution*** this tea is not for pregnant or nursing mothers, or children !
Please ask your Dr. if your un sure if this blend is for you.

Disclaimer: This is for educational use only, I do not treat or cure any disease or ailment. Please do your research and check with your Dr. if these herbs are safe for you, some herbs can interfere with medications, always check if it is safe first.

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