Hot Spring Hopping Self Care Kit


This kit is the perfect thing to bring with you on your next water adventure; whether that be the hot springs, local pool, or camping at the lake! Sometimes we need to take public shower's or swim in public pools, and there is fungus among us! That is why I created this kit, I love visiting the local hot springs, and even traveling to new ones, but I don't like getting fungus on my feet or anywhere else. This kit has this in mind as well as some added things to help clear and reset your energy so you can relax more soundly and deeply after your water fun!
Everything fits inside a cute vinyl zippered pouch that is waterproof and has a handle on top, its perfect, and convenient.
Here is what is inside:

Clean + Clear Energy Renew Artisanal Soap made with local infused Sagebrush, and raw Avacado. This soap is antifungal and moistureizing. One of my favorite parts of this is that is both energetically & physically satisfying. The soap is sliced into 2 sticks and it comes in a small muslin bag, with a thin loofah to help exfoliate your skin.

Monarda Anifungal Foot Spray made with local infused Monarda ( Bee Balm), essential oils, infused apple cider vinegar, and infused aloe. it is cooling and refreshing and a nice way to help prevent fungus from settling in on your skin.

Relax + Harmonize Body Butter Stick. This smells so wonderful, and it's perfect to lock in moisture after a soak. The aroma is Grapefruit, Orange, And Jasmine. Citrus oils help to clear stagnant energy, by decongesting the tissues, as well as creating an uplifting mood. Jasmine promotes a relaxing sensation creating a harmoniuos feelin within, making room for passion & creativity.

Tranquil Dreams ~ Aromatherapy Roll on. The plants selected for this blend offer a synergistic journey. The aroma is Calmimg + Grounding creating a harmonious and tranquil meditation or restful state of mind. Sweet, restful and deep.

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