Elderberry Syrup herbal formula

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Elderberries have been used to help boost the immune system for many moons. Maybe you have a Mother, Auntie or Grandma who used to make this and gave it to you when you were feeling unwell. It is a wonderful sweet remedy to assist you during cold and flu season.

This formula has a foundation of Elderberry tincture, and Elderberry infused Honey.
The other herbs included are meant to help specific symptoms while having a cold or flu.

Marshmallow Root- It’s slippery demulcent properties help to soothe and moisturize mucus membranes. (Think dry cough or sore throat.)

Ginger- It’s warming and stimulating properties help to promote circulation and move and expel congestion. It is also helpful to warm the body possibly aiding in sweating to help burn out pathogens.

Hibiscus- This beautiful flower lends flavor, as well as vitamin C. Yum!

Lavender- It’s relaxing properties will help to soothe and settle down your nervous system so you can rest, and heal.

Usnea Tincture- A very beneficial Lichen that is excellent for aiding in boosting the immune system.

This Syrup does have alcohol in it. I would estimate about 20-25% . It’s best to refrigerate it to gain optimal shelf life. Although if you use it I’m gushing it will be gone within one cold + flu season☺️.

Made with raw local honey, and plenty of love...

This comes in a 4oz glass bottle.

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