Lavender and flax relaxing eye pillows


These beautiful pillows are filled with flax seed, lavender flowers, and a few drops of lavender essential oil. They smell so awesome and feel really great too.

I like to use them when I meditate on the floor, to take a nap, or when I just need to relax and close my eyes for a minute. They would make a great tool for yoga for the resting pose at the end, (Savasana).

This time I made some really cute and cozy flannel ones for kids! The Llama print is so darn cute, I just could not resist! Kids always want to do what your doing to so it’s perfect! Lavender and children what a great combo💜.

There are many prints to choose from, I have named them from left to right in the picture. Just choose the title and add it to your bag.

If you have any questions please message me:)

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