Cottonwood and Palo Santo Moisturizing Beard oil

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The smell of this oil is captivating! Made with a base of Moisture rich carrier oils that soothe, and calm your skin. Oils of: Hemp Seed, Avocado, and Almond are infused with Idaho Cottonwood Buds. The Jojoba oil has been infused with Alaskan Sweet Gale catkins (Bog Myrtle) Both infused oils are handcrafted, and wildcrafted by me:)

Both Cottonwood buds + Sweet Gale are nourishing to the skin, and assist in clearing up acne or blemishes, and calming irritation’s and inflammation.

Palo Santo Essential oil is a perfect match for this blend. With it’s antiseptic qualities it is purifying to the skin, and it’s aroma is earthy, uplifting, and sweet. Palo Santo has been used in many Indigenous cultures as a purifying smudge, the wood is burned in spiritual ceremony, in meditation, and to cleanse the space.
***With conscious thought***
Concerning the application of essential oils to your face I blended this at a thoughtful . 50% dilution. I believe less is more with essential oils:)

This oil comes in a 1 oz. glass bottle it is made seasonally so when it’s sold out it’s gone until next spring:)

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