Anima Winter Season Herbal Subscription Box on sale! 10 dollars off


Our first Seasonal Wellness box!

We have many lovely herbal delights for you in the first Winter Wellness box. If you've ever wanted to incorporate herbal remedies into your family's home nursing care, or you're looking to expand your herbal apothecary, then this box is for you! Full of wild harvested, locally grown, or organic ingredients, all of which are naturally dynamic + vibrant. The items selected for this box were designed to assist you through the winter season in various ways... we'll delve into the details in a moment! Detailed instructions and application suggestions are provided on the enclosed scroll. ***Bonus*** Since this is the very first box from WildPlantsLoveYou, we have taken $5 off the original price. Enjoy:) Boxes will be shipped on December 4th, 2017.

Ruby Delight Syrup- A vibrant red heart medicine that is simultaneously tasty and good for your beautiful heart center. The herbs in this syrup are high in Vitamin C and flavonoids, helping to enhance blood circulation and energize your heart.
Ingredients: Hawthorne berry, Hibiscus flower, Cinnamon, Roses, Rose hips, Astragalus, Honey, Vodka, + Love. (4 oz. bottle)

Release + Renewal Incense- A collection of handpicked high desert plants, with additional essential oils. All ingredients correspond to Mercury + Mars to assist you in releasing old patterns. By inviting the energies of Mercury + Mars, we invoke personal strength and the willpower to change. This unique incense is an exciting way to clear space, physically + mentally. Perfect to use when Mercury goes into retrograde December 3rd - 22nd. (2 oz. tin) Plus charcoal disks.

Cardamom + Anise Infused Honey- Oh my, so delish! If you like these herbs separately then you will love them together! An excellent match for the holiday season when the temptation to indulge in luxurious foods and feast a little too much is everywhere. No worries, just add a teaspoon to your tea after dinner, or eat it right from the spoon. Both cardamom and anise are aromatic carminatives which help expel gas and relieve stomach discomfort. (2 oz. jar)

Sage + Mint Throat Spray- Stop your sore throat in its tracks and alleviate the pain naturally! This was carefully formulated and has helped my family through cold + flu season. Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey are great allies alone for a sore throat, but with the assistance of Sage, Pineapple Sage, Spruce, Usnea, vodka, and Peppermint, we have you covered. (2 oz. spray)

Cool Balm- Another indispensable formula for cold & flu season. This super balm has dual actions: it can help relieve sore muscles or, it can be used as a chest rub. Its spruce scent masks the much-needed menthol smell and creates a calming experience. A must-have for your medicine cabinet. (2 oz. tin)

Deep Breaths Inhaler- A stimulating and yet calming aromatic tool. Let the aromas of Siberian Fir, Ravintsara, & Saro open and clear your airways to allow you to take deeper breaths during the often stressful winter season. Bergamot's calming + bright aroma will balance out this blissful moment to better guide you into a joyful focus so that you may fully enjoy your day.

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