Botanical Perfume Luna Jasmine blend infused with moonstone

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The perfume comes in a 3 Ml. roller ball, and has one piece of moonstone in the bottle. It is infused with Love, + moonstone under the light of the full moon. You will have the bonus of wearing both moonstone, and Jasmine together in this harmonious feminine potion. It has been created with the finest quality Jasmine Absolutes, in a base of Jojoba oil. (Jasminum sambac, + Jasminum grandiflorum) Your perfume should last you up to 3 years if taken care of properly. (stored out of direct light, and under 70 degrees Fahrenheit).

Jasmine, and moonstone... what a perfect match.

" Luna” is a moon goddess, she is a creative spirit, imbued with softness, intuition, and represents fertility and all things feminine.
Moonstone has many similar attributes. One would guess that the obtained color and luminescent shimmer, is how it was named…

Here are a few interesting things to know about moonstone:

~ It has been used to help with increasing your intuitive sensitivity, as well as lucid dreaming.

~ It may help us stay calm in stressful situations, as in “taking that deep breath before we say or do something irrational”.

~ It is stimulating to the pineal gland, and may assist one in balancing hormones, enhance fertility, and may be helpful for easing menstrual problems, balancing menopause symptoms, or after childbirth.

And a few interesting things about Jasmine:

Jasmine has a feminine floral and heady exotic scent. It has been worn for perfume for centuries, as well as used as a medicine. As you read on you will see the similar qualities that Jasmine, + moonstone share.

~ Jasmine is very calming to the mind, body, and spirit. It may be helpful in assisting with anxiety, and depression. It opens the heart to allow love to flow in & out, enticing a euphoric state of consciousness.

~ Thought to be an aphrodisiac not only for its exotic floral aroma, but also because of its influence on the urogenital organs. It’s warming, + peaceful nature comforts the mind, and assists the body to relax letting a person open to their own sexuality, and leave behind any undesirable thoughts.

~ It is a uterine tonic, often used during or after childbirth. It may also be helpful for bringing in mother’s milk as it is a lactogenic.

~ Jasmine’s intelligence encourages the energy to ignite a person’s creativity, intuition, and passion.

~ Jasmine is often helpful with fertility because of its aphrodisiac properties, and its ability to help a person relax, and leave behind any nervousness, or tension.

~ It is often called “the queen of the night”, and is referred to as a moon oil, partly because it is harvested in the evening as it’s aroma is the strongest at that time. Another reason it has shared correspondences with moon may be because of its morphology. (It has white soft flowers, that are shiny, and waxy.)

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This is so magical! Smells heavenly. Love it!

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