Hypnos is calling a sleeptime tincture sleep tincture sleepy tincture peaceful sleep sweet dreams


Hypnos~ "In Greek mythology, Hypnos was the personification of sleep; Hypnos lived in a cave, whose mansion does not see the rising, nor the setting sun, At the entrance were a number of poppies and other hypnotic plants." Wikipedia...

Hypnos is calling tincture is a great addition to your at home medicine cabinet. It's perfect for times of unrest, and when you just can't get to sleep due to overthinking, overwelm, or nervousness. This formula is a heavy hitter, full of nervines, and sedatives. It's main function is to relax, it works on the tissues, and the nerves.

Herbs in this formula: Roman Chamomile, Valarian, Blue Vervain, Passionflower, & Hops.

There is trio blend of flower essences blended into this as well. Aspen, Vervain, & White Chestnut. Flower essences are helpful tools in balancing out emotional patterns.
Here are some of the helpful qualities of these particular Flower essenses:

Aspen: helps promote trust and confidence within oneself, and helps to release fears, and anxiety.
Vervain: Helps to promote balance in all levels of life, and helps release nervous tention.
White Chestnut: promotes a tranquil mental state, releases patterns of worry, and circular thoughts.

Please note this a tincture made with alcohol~ Brandy + Vodka. It's about a 50-60%

Please consult a physician if you are nursing or pregnant, not intended for children! Please keep out of their reach.
Suggested dose~ 15-30 drops before bedtime.

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