Natural Pain Management Herbal salve sampler kit


This kit contains three 1/2 oz. tins each containing a different herbal formula for natural pain management.

Each one of these formulas is helpful in managing pain naturally, they all work differently. Because pain shows itself in a wide array of symptoms it is important to match the right remedy to the type of pain you may be feeling. I thought it may be nice to put this kit together for you to experiment with them.

Here is a general breakdown of each salve/balm.

The salves/balms that are in this kit are:

Aches N Pains salve - May be helpful for chronic pain or old injuries.
Cool Balm - May be helpful for acute pain
Caldo Balm - May be helpful for neuropathy or nerve pain, or old injuries that are cool to the touch.

What is included in the kit:

1 each of the salves/balms in a 1/2 oz. tin
A muslin bag to carry them in
A information card on each product

For a detailed description of each balm/ salve please click on these links below...

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