Natural Citrus & Woodsy Herb Infused Aromatic Deodorant


Each herb infused deodorant has herbal infused oils and essential oils to match each scent profile with plants cultivated from my garden. We have floral, woodsy and citrus scents available!

Conveniently packaged in this 1 oz tin to carry with you anywhere. This small amount lasts a long time too. I have worked on this formula for a long time, and finally I have something I'm willing to share!

Ingredients are made with plants that were wildcrafted, cultivated from my garden, or purchased from an ethical and organic source.

Woodsy aroma, has hints of Cedar, Spruce, and Lavender.

Floral aroma, has hints of Rose, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang.

Citrus aroma, has hints or Orange, grapefruit, and Vanilla.

To use this product:

Simply warm the balm with your finger to scoop the desired amount, then rub it into your armpit. Use as much as you need, this will vary from person to person. May need to repeat application later in the day, depending on level of activity.

*** NOTE this is not an antiperspirant! It works to absorb, and kill bacteria that causes the funky smell associated with body odor...

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