Rosy cheek stain


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An old fashioned idea modernized with healthier ingredients. You can apply this cheek stain on your cheeks, or lips.

The color is subtle and can be controlled by the amount you rub on your skin. It is made with Jojoba oil infused with Alkanet root, beet root, and Elderberry. Alkanet root is the herb that is used to achieve this beautiful color. Alkanet root has a bitter earthy smell, and I have been trying to mask the smell by infusing elderberries, and lavender essential oil. Most people don't mind it or even notice it, but I do! And so the formula is evolving!

This makes a great gift, for all ages! The lip stain comes in a .50 oz. tin, don't be fooled by the size, as a little goes a long way:)

Terrific service. My item arrived in a few days. Nice ingredients but for me it was almost colorless. I like that it is a small, US owned business. Cheers

I really like this product. It has a soft sheen that lasts a long time. I notice after a few minutes on the cheeks it will become more visible. I also love that the smell if MUCH more faint in comparison to other natural stains. I would definitely recommend for sure!

One layer alone is not as vibrant on me as I hoped (and I'm pretty fair) but it's moisturizing and the color is still there, and it's a pretty color!

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