Rosy cheek stain


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An old fashioned idea modernized with healthier ingredients. You can apply this cheek stain on your cheeks, or lips.

The color is subtle and can be controlled by the amount you rub on your skin. It is made with Jojoba oil infused with Alkanet root, beet root, and Elderberry. Alkanet root is the herb that is used to achieve this beautiful color. Alkanet root has a bitter earthy smell, and I have been trying to mask the smell by infusing elderberries, and lavender essential oil. Most people don't mind it or even notice it, but I do! And so the formula is evolving!

This makes a great gift, for all ages! The lip stain comes in a .50 oz. tin, don't be fooled by the size, as a little goes a long way:)

This is a lovely shade of rose, not too pastel, but not noticeable either, so it looks truly natural. It sinks into the skin, lips too, so that it ends up not looking glossy but matte, at least that is my experience. Also, I like the earthy scent, which goes away in a few minutes anyway. I am very pleased with this purchase, trying to get away from makeup as much as possible, but I feel I do need a little color, and this is it! The tin is generous, so will last a long time. Arrived beautifully wrapped.

Lovely scent, beautiful texture, just enough to give that blushed-happily-by-a-jog-followed-by-shower look, fresh, dewy. Beautifully packaged as a bonus, no plastic, reusable, sustainable, I'm a fan.

Color is very subtle and leaves a slight sheen, which is great on your lips but maybe not so great on your cheeks if you have oily skin. It doesn't stick to the skin as well as other cheek tints I have tried. The packaging is cute and the ingredients are an interesting combo. While I don't find the scent bothersome, others with a more touchy nose might.

I liked the color but it has an icky smell and since my nose is just above my lips it's not going to work for me.

I love this cheek stain! It adds a pretty and buildable color that works great on my cheeks and lips. I also don't need to use highlighter anymore because this product adds a bit of a sheen that I like a lot.

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