Rest & Relax Balm a topical nerve tonic


This balm is a wonderful multiuse must have! It's general motive is to help calm, and relax your tissues, and issues! Keep it close by for moments when you need serenity and calmness. The aroma is soft floral, feminine, and slightly green.

Apply after a bath to bring tranquility to a stressful day. Or to switch gears during stressful times. It is a nice friend to have in your bag when your feeling nervous, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Try it as a solid perfume too... Dab it behind your ears, neck, or behind the knees.

It can also be used for restless legs, apply it to your lower back near your tail bone (along your sacrum). Or rub it directly on the legs. I originally made this formula for my mom who needed something for her legs. It worked so well for her, that I decided to share with you.

Try it on a tight jaw, or muscle too. It’s antispasmodic properties will help relax that bound up tissue.

Safety concerns: This is not to be used with children under the age 12. This formula is blended in a higher dilution than I would recommend for young children. If you like the idea and smell of this blend and would like something for a child, message me and I could tailor it just for you.

Also this is blended for Acute issues; so it is to be used in small amounts on occasion. (Not intended to be used as a massage balm!) If you have something that is more chronic I can blend something for you to complement this blend so you can have two different formulas.

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