Lavender Calendula Moon Soap NOW ON SALE 2 for 6.00


You will receive two half moon soaps, they are cut in this shape to represent the energetic intention that this soap was created with... Some ingredients have been solar + lunar infused.

I chose to put Helichrysum splendidum essential oil in the recipe for two reasons, it's a great anti fungal, and energetically it is a Moon oil. It helps one connect to their feminine energy, to communicate with a softer edge, and be true to themselves...

Made with lots of love!

Calendula and Lavender are both great skin herbs. They are both mild, relaxing, and restorative.

The Calendula used in this soap is from this years garden. These bright yellow sunny flowers offer great skin calming abilities, and when paired with Lavender they make a perfect match. Enjoy this soap as it is mild and moisturizing. The aroma is a subtle Lavender with a hint of citrus.

Many details went into creating this soap, all ingredients are natural. The color is achieved from plants, with added infused calendula oil, herbal infusons, kokum butter, olive oil, coconut oil,and essential oils.

If you love to relax in the bath and use products that are made with intention and care, this soap may be for you. Enjoy a bar on your next Full Moon Bath...

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