Breathe With The Trees Botanical Perfume


A blended beautiful bouquet of Balsam, Sweet, and Earthy scents captured from selected Tree's.

It comes in a 10ml roller ball, small and convenient to carry with you anywhere you go.

Enjoy the energetic vibes these majestic old souls can offer you. Strength, Confidence, and a sense of Regal Calmness.

Blended in a base of infused Sitka Spruce oil, this perfume is sure to be one of your favorite forest aroma's. Along with it's Balsamic, and conifer base enjoy hints of tree resins, vanilla, and light citrus.

A bit about botanical perfumes: These unique blends are made with Herbal infused oils, Essential oils, Co2 extracts, or Absolutes. Their Aroma is subtle, and light. Botanical perfumes are meant for you, this is not the type of perfume that is left trailing behind you as you walk away! Not to say that someone up close couldn't smell them on you, but I just want to make that clear:)

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