Aches N Pains Formula #2 Infused herbal oils, and essential oil blend


This Formula was created for use with clients that just had surgery, to help promote accelerating healing, and help with pain and inflammation. It is also great to use for old injuries, and deep aches N pains.

*** It is best to use after all open wounds have closed properly. Please do not use if your wound is still open.

A bit about the formula: The base is made with a couple locally harvested plants. Devils Club,and Juniper Berries. As-well as these plants that are not locally harvested: Arnica, and Birch.

The Essential oil blend may be helpful at reducing inflammation, pain, accelerated repair (ligament, tendon, bone), scar reduction. and promote circulation.

*** Caution this formula is not intended for anyone who is pregnant, nursing, under the age of 10.
This formula is recommended for shorterm use. This blend contains a small amount (1 drop) of the essential oil Bergamot, which is phototoxic. Phototoxic means that you certain chemicals can have a negative reaction on the skin if you expose the area to direct sunlight (Rashes, and skin burns). Even though there is a very small amount in this blend it is worth mentioning because everyone is different, and it is better to be safe!

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