Cool Balm For Cold & Flu and Sore Muscles


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This Balm is a must have for your herbal medicine cabinet or first aide kit!

This formula is Cool and soothing to your Respiratory System. Infused with Pinyon Pine olive oil, menthol crystals, and a blend of Essential oils that are helpful for circulating & opening up the airways to help mucus diminish from your body.

Another amazing gift this Balm brings is that it also doubles as a muscle soother, perfect for those aches and pains that accompany colds & flu. Or use it for sore muscles after a workout.

The Pinyon Pine pitch, and needles were wildcrafted in the High dessert mountains of Southern Utah, and Arizona. The process is quite enchanting, I sing, dance and smile from start to finish... Love

All ingredients are Organic, or Wildcrafted (not sprayed)
*** This formula is not intended for children under five nursing or pregnant mothers.
Always consult a physician if you are unsure.

I do also carry a children's cool balm which is gentle yet effective for children under five.

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