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All of my Plant Based Herbal Goodies are made from the finest ingredients available. Everything is either Organic, or WildCrafted. Within my process I infuse Reiki love into all phases of my creations.

This Cream Om Visione is part of the "Bliss Cream" Line.

All "Bliss Creams" were formulated for A deep skin regenerating expeirence of which is layered with inspiring Aroma's that encourage intention. Each has it's own Anima (Spirit) and recipe. My Intention for these formula's is to promote Nourishing effects with a Plant based Moisturizing Tonic for the skin. Each specifically blended to entice a certain energetic shift (mood) to arise.

Key interests for Om Visione~

Deep, rich & Earthy Aroma's await your senses...

The Sage green color is achieved naturally and perfect for inspiring Balance, & Harmony within.
This Calming hue inspires Activation of the Heart Chakra.

The Aroma of this blend encourages Meditation, Calmness, & helps you remain grounded in Earths majestic energies.. A unique blend of forest tree's and balsam scents... Sweetgrass, vetiver, and spruce just to name a few...

This unique recipe of carrier oils, infused oils, butters, hydrosols, and Essential oils provide Antioxidants, cell regenerative properties, and just the right amount of hydration your skin needs.

The consistency is smooth and creamy, melting on your skin as you spread it on.
A little goes a long way:)

Note- packaging my vary, from pictures... Right now I'm using clear glass jars...

*** Safety Concerns*** This Formula is not suited for Pregnant, or Nursing Mothers, or anyone with Epilepsy. Consult with a Physician if you are unsure.

Please note that the content has not been evaluated by the FDA. Everything listed by Wild Plants Love You on Etsy is meant for educational purposes, or as complimentary medicine. Although Wild Plants Love You does provide services to help you find creative ways to heal yourself, it does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure disease. Please consult with a licensed health care provider if you require medical attention.

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Nothing else smells or feels as good as this body butter! Its heaven!

Wow! I love this cream. The sent is so wonderful and it feels so good on my skin. I need more!

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