Aches N Pains Salve For old injuries, or chronic pain


All ingredients are Organic, or Wildcrafted in Alaska.
The formula consists of, four herbal infused oils, Devils Club, Arnica, Juniper berry & Birch
& Essential oils: Lavender, Rosemary ct. camphor, black pepper and Ginger.

This Salve is specially formulated for old injuries, or chronic pain.
The blend of herbs, and essential oils that I choose for this salve were considered for there analgesic, anti-inflammatory, warming, & rubifacient, properties which make it an excellent choice for old injuries, or chronic pain that feels cool to the touch.

When dealing with a cold chronic condition, it is important to get the blood flowing into the area that is stagnant (pain). This is created with the use of Ginger, Black pepper, and Rosemary in this formula.

Safety concerns: This formula is not intended for persons who are Pregnant, Nursing, children under the age of five, or anyone who is known to have epileptic seizures. If you are unsure if you should use this formula please consult with a physician.

I take great care in my formulations, a lot of time and effort go into the formula's I create. I infuse all of my own oils, sometimes double & triple infuse, calculate for safety, and sometimes harvest materials from the forest's, bogs, and Alpine area's. I infuse all that I do with Reiki love, for your health and well being.

The salve comes in three sizes...

1/2 oz. sampler
1 oz tin
2 oz tin

If you would like a larger quantity message me, I would be happy to make this for you. Or if you are interested in having this product in your store message me for wholesale prices...

*** All order's are made in small batches, I like to make everything as fresh as I can to insure the finest quality.

A bit about the ingredients:

Devils club (Oplopanax horridum), From the Ginseng family. (Araliaceae) It is a large shrub with a big personality, it has huge leaves, spiny stems, and red fruits. It likes to grow near cool streams in shady spots, which makes southeast Alaska a perfect home for them!
Devils Club has many medicinal qualities, but I am only going to touch upon the ones that are useful to this salve.
It is a very effective herb choice for this salve because of it's pain relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties. Devils Club contains essential oils, & when you infuse the fresh plant into carrier oil you can extract the healing properties. I harvest the bark from this plant in the spring, to make my infused oil for this salve and a few other formula's.

Arnica (Arnica montana), From the Daisy Family (Asteraceae) It is a cute yellow daisy like flower that is found in higher elevations, woodlands,& disturbed rocky soil.
Best known for it's topical healing abilities for soft tissue, sprains & bruises. It has anti- inflammatory, and analgesic properties, which make it excellent for this formula.

Birch ( Betula alba) From the (Betulaceae) Family. This tree has a beautiful white bark with yellowish green leaves. The Leaves and the bark contain a constituent called methyl salicylate. This is the same chemical found in aspirin. Infusing the bark & leaves in carrier oil extract the healing properties. It has pain relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential oil~Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) This beautiful purple flower has many healing attributes. Lavender is also Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Antirhematic, Antispasmodic, & Calming to the central nervous system.

Essential oil~Rosemary ct camphor ( Rosemary officinallis ct camphor) Excellent for pain, and inflammation. Rosemary is also Antirhematic, Antispasmodic, a circulatory stimulant, and warming.

Essential oil~ Ginger (Zingiber officinale) This warming oil makes an great touch to this formula, creating a warming, circulatory effect to the area of concern. Ginger is also Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, & Rubifacient.

Beeswax- organic and sweet just the way nature intended!

Please note that the content has not been evaluated by the FDA. Everything listed by Wild Plants Love You on Etsy is meant for educational purposes, or as complimentary medicine. Although Wild Plants Love You does provide services to help you find creative ways to heal yourself, it does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure disease. Please consult with a licensed health care provider if you require medical attention.

Reviews (6)


This smells great!! It is smooth and silky feeling. I use it daily on my arthritic knees and elbow. It helps!! Thanks

This will make the perfect gift for the handyman in the family.

I love this salve! I had a knee replacement a bit ago and I find it very soothing and not overwhelming to my skin.

We love this! Currently cycling El camino de Santiago and one of the guys in our group fell amd sprained his ankle. We inmovilised his ankle and took him to a motel, turns out it was only lighly sprained, slathered this up on his ankle and it took the inflamation and pain off overnight. Everyone is using it for swelled feet and back pain from being all the day on the bike. Its great. Will buy again.

This salve works. And it smells good too. I love the smells of herbs.

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