The plants share their world with us everyday, let us be a great audiance.

Wild Plants Love You is a phrase that came to me from the plants themselves. While spending time in the forests, and my garden, I realized they do love us, they are here for us, and they want us to utilize their wisdom and medicine. With each moment we spend more gifts unravel, In Harmony, with love and respect…

As a plant enthusiast, a bit of a mystic, and being an artist I naturally took to Herbalism, and Aromatherapy. I am very passionate about what I do, and consider myself a forever student to the plants, and stars. I’m extremely interested in energy, and alchemy, and continue to learn as much as I can get my hands on.

Everything that I craft is infused with Reiki, love, and intention. I have a small apothecary that is filled with locally harvested herbs, essential oils, flower essences, gem elixir’s, tinctures, and various other healing tools. I spend a lot of time researching, formulating, gathering and preparing the plants that I work with to create formula’s. I love to create plant based products that are good for us on all levels of the self. Body/Mind/Spirit…

All of my products are created in small batches with Wildcrafted or Organic ingredients. Some of the plants I use are grown in my garden, and every year it expands! I love to travel and gather plants too!

My name is Geenah Caragliu, I am a romantic plant lover, dreamer, mystic, createtriss, and student. Thank you for your interest in my craft. My dream for Wild Plants Love You is to expand my garden, my wisdom, and share with others what I have learned. The seed has been planted, and my wish is that you will check in from time to time to see how it has grown.

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